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When you start your car, do you hear any strange sounds? If your car sounds like it’s whining or feels clunky when you turn it on, you might have transmission problems. Whether your check engine light is on or not, bring your vehicle to John Clay Automotive today. We’re a leading transmission service in Nicholasville, KY. You can trust us to provide honest repair service.

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3 reasons to trust our transmission repair service

3 reasons to trust our transmission repair service

If your vehicle is having transmission problems, choose John Clay Automotive. We offer some of the top transmission repair services in Nicholasville, KY. When you hire us to fix your car, you’ll get:

  1. Repairs tailored to fit your vehicle
  2. Honest service from pros who won’t try to sell you parts or repairs you don’t need
  3. Preventive maintenance designed to protect your car from more significant issues

Are you worried about your car’s transmission? Call John Clay Automotive for reliable repair services today.